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    ABS is a combination material of three chemical monomers: acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. Each monomer has different features. Acrylonitrile has high strength, thermal stability and chemical stability; butadiene has excellent toughness, impact resistant performance; styrene is easy to be processed, and it has high smoothness and strength. Three components' advantages make ABS' excellent comprehensive performance.


²  High impact-resisting ABS

²  Medium heat-resisting and impact-resisting ABS

²  High heat-resisting ABS

²  Low-gloss ABS

²  Electroplating grade ABS

²  blow molding grade ABS



²  High impact-resisting

²  Excellent processing performance

²  Excellent dimensional stability

²  Excellent Low-emission performance

²  Excellent chemical stability and electrical performance

²  Anti-UV and low-gloss performance



²  Door panel

²  Taillight shell

²  Front grill

²  Roof handle

²  Rear mirrors

²  Deflector

²  Electrical controller