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    Polyamide (PA) has the largest species and amount among five engineering plastics. There are two kinds of PA: common type and special type. Common type involves PA6 and PA66, special type includes PA46, PA6T, PA9T, PPA and other high-temperature nylon.


²  Injection PA

²  Impact modified PA

²  Mineral filled PA

²  Glass fiber reinforced PA

²  Mineral and glass fiber reinforced PA

²  Impact modified and glass fiber reinforced PA



²  High Intensity

²  High heat resistance

²  Excellent wear resistance

²  Excellent corrosion resistance

²  Good formability

²  Excellent process ability



²  Automotive Field

²  Intake-tube, cylinder head cover, engine shield, cooling fan, interior trim parts and so on.

²  Electronics

²  Binding post, motor cover, connector, tap switch, fan and so on.

²  Sports equipment and other areas

²  Sole, machines armrest, bicycle Wheels, seats and so on