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    PC / ABS is a compound of polycarbonate and acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene copolymer, it’s also a kind of thermoplastic plastic consisting of polycarbonate and ABS. PC/ABS has ABS’ formability and PC’s mechanical resistance, impact strength, heat-resistance, resistance to ultraviolet (UV) and other features.



²  Conventional ABS/PC

²  High-flow PC/ABS

²  Low-gloss PC/ABS

²  Electroplating PC/ABS

²  Weather resistance PC/ABS



²  High rigidity and excellent anti-impact resistance

²  Excellent heat resistance

²  Excellent processing performance

²  Excellent dimensional stability

²  Excellent weather resistance

²  Low-emission



²  The dashboard skeleton

²  Tail lamp shell

²  Door handle

²  Window handle

²  Steering column sheath

²  Dashboard decorative box

²  Mirror shell