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Liquid Crystal Polymer


    With the rapid development of the electronic industry, we have been pursuing the miniaturized and thin-walled electronic components constantly. Two corresponding requirements of materials are high- flow and high-heat distortion temperature. LCP has wholly aromatic rigid chain which may arrange spontaneously when in the molten state. The average orientation vectors of LCP’s molecular are in the various derection when in the different micro domains. LCP’s liquidity is good due to its chains’ excellent gliding motility. Because of LCP’s high heat distortion temperature, electronic components made of it can resist the high temperature and keep the shape when in lead-free soldering processes. The elegant integration of LCP’s special chain structure and coacervation configuration makes its high performance and meets the needs of the electronics industry.

    PRET is the only  company in the domestic has advanced technology of LCP resin polymerization. PRET’s TLCP project has received three Chinese patents, one US patent and own the independent intellectual property rights. 


²  Conventional LCP

²  Base Level LCP

²  Electric Resistance LCP

²  Low Warp LCP

²  Galvanized LCP



²  Excellent fluidity and fine processing ability

²  Precise dimension and stability

²  Low linear CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)

²  High rigidity, high strength and high tenacity

²  Chemical resistance

²  Excellent air tightness

²  High heat distortion temperature

²  Low Moisture Absorption

²  Natural fire retardance

²  Excellent thermal stability

²  Excellent resistance to radiation

²  Vibration energy absorption



²  Electronic products

Ø  Surface-mount electronics parts

Ø  Thin-wall and small size parts with complicated structures

Ø  Circuit board

Ø  SIM socket

²  Aerospace products

Ø  Electronics, Photoconductor and optical parts.

²   Automotive Field

Ø  Navigator, Automatic payment machine, Sensor

²  VA/OA machines

Ø  Acoustic vibration plates, sound pick-up

²  Chemical devices and medical appliances

Ø  The filling of fractionating column and well parts